Your Story, My Voice


I’m Patrick, a voice actor with a genuine sound and compelling performance. Allow me to tell your story with my voice. I believe in integrating audio performances into every part of life. Supporting audio as an integral part of learning, communication, and entertainment. And I enjoy doing eLearning and Documentary projects, as well as audio book narrations. But I am able to do any project that needs a voice to perform for it.

As a professional voice actor, I work with a set of values for the greatest success of both my own performances and the goals of my clients. Every day is different, but I will give my best performance every day. I will communicate openly and honestly with clients and myself. And I will always have the clients best interest at heart. Above all, I promise to have fun, be bigger than life, and be immersed in my role and performances.

Headshot - Patrick McCaffrey
This is my basic studio demo recorded in my home studio, demonstrating the sound quality you can expect from my recordings.
4 demos – Wearables; Wolf Pack; Bill Nye; Immune System
5 demos: Applebee’s; Scott TP; Toyota Camry; Doctor’s Without Borders; Amazon Prime